yaw motor

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    P4P V2 - Gimbal problem

    Hello. After a fall from ~3 meters a gimbal was injured. A view from camera was OK. I immediately took Phantom to the nearest drone shop with service (not the official DJI service) but after few weeks they told me that they don't now how to repair that. I've tried to realise what's up with...
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    P4P Yaw motor replaced, but yaw and roll still dead.

    It finally happened, clipped a branch.... The gimbal broke off below the yaw motor... Where I am at is after replacing the the yaw motor, arm and ribbon cable, the camera works but the yaw roll are dead. At power up the pitch motor gos full up and full down then stays there. The Go app is not...
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    Phantom 4 yaw motor broken! plz help

    Hello pilots, As this is going to be my first post. It might end up being a long one. my sincere apologies since I am really bad at explaining things, I crashed my drone on the day I bought it, from really high altitude. It's was in pretty bad shape. I decided to work on it and swapped the...