1. M

    P3 Secondary camera cables

    My son crashed his P3. The grey ribbon cable for the camera survived, but there are two additional single-lead cables with a connector that broke. See picture for an example. Is it possible to buy these replacement cables somewhere? Or do I have to buy parts - connector, wire, etc. - and...
  2. G

    Phantom 3 Standard - gimbal ribbon

    Hi guys I was wondering if you could help me. I let my niece fly my phantom 3 standard and she promptly steered it into a tree (my idiocy I know). The gimbal vibration plate broke and the ribbon of wires was pulled out of the connecting plug attached to the gimbal. I'm trying to plug them...
  3. J

    Wire end snapped off for video feed

    The wires popped off of the port during a crash. I fit them all back in except for one which snapped off. Does anyone have any ideas for a fix without having to order another cable set? I've got a shoot coming up and don't think I have much time! Thanks!!!!
  4. D

    need wire diagram for p3s

    need the wire diagram for the compass connection broke mine of the board and am fixing it but don't know the connections on the board please help!!!!!!