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    P4 Advanced Weak Transmission / Disconnects

    Hi, My P4 Advanced is showing "weak transmission signal" and then intermittent " aircraft disconnected" signals when only a short distance away. This happens where ever I fly. I notice that the signal quality on most channels spike at"poor". I have the latest firmware installed and the latest...
  2. C

    Weak controller signal after latest firmware update

    A few days ago I installed the new firmware on my p4pro drone and controller but since then I have been experiencing a very weak controller signal and aircraft gets disconnected immediately. Anyone of you experiencing the same issue?
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    weak transmission signal

    hi i have a p3 advanced and i always get weak transmission signal at around 200m. it will never fly beyond 400m before disconnecting and rth. i can fly it directly above beyond 200m and the signal is fine. ive re calibrated the imu and controller and it has the latest firmware. ive also flown it...
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    Weak RC Connection(no upgrade on firmware)

    I've had the drone (Phantom 3 Standard) since November 2016, and it worked amazing until the other day. I took it out for a flight and the signal was weak 60 meters up and 30 meters out. I went to 50 meters out and the signal was lost and the drone went into return home mode. I could go easily...