weak signal

  1. D

    P4P V2.0 & SEQUOIA gps problem

    Hello everyone, I'm an agriculture student and these days i have to perform a flight with the multispectral camera "parrot sequoia" whitch is attached to the phantom 4 pro v2.0. its the first time im using a multispectral camera. the 1st flight took place a few days ago where the drone flew...
  2. M

    Weak Signal

    I was out the other day. It was about 60°F. I was mostly taking stills, so not moving around too much. I got up to about 375 feet - directly above me - and started getting a warning. Don't remember exact wording but something about weak signal from remote. Looked at the battery lights and saw...
  3. I

    Weak controller signal / Other issues second flight

    Hi guys, Hoping I could get some insight from more experienced individuals here. I did my first flight on stock firmware on P3A using Nvidia K1 on Android 6.0. No issues and it connected well. I used the latest DJI app. For the second flight, it started saying to update the controller...
  4. Chuck1906

    No Image Transmission alert - P3P

    I am experiencing No Image Transmission alerts on just about every flight now. Usually happens right after I calibrate the compass before take off and other times it happens in mid flight. Screen will go to black and white then freezes then goes to black. My P3P will then give me another alert...
  5. Phil Tuggle

    Changed USB Module to Solve 1 Problem, and Created 2 New Ones!

    So I had a sudden and 100% persistent "DISCONNECTED" problem running my P3A after almost 1-1/2 years of flying with zero issues. Long story short, it was a bad USB Module on the controller; "DISCONNECTED" is no longer a problem (the controller again connects to my Android tablet). Same firmwares...
  6. M

    Better signal with different antenna angle

    Yay, I finally got more to 500m (1640ft) Samsung S5 phone, App 3.1.3, version 1.7.9 Identical drone to my son's purchased at the same time (4 months ago), from the same shop. My son lives in a slightly more built up area than I, 5 hour's drive away. I live on a farm with the nearest house 500m...
  7. E

    P3S Weak/Loss of Signal under 500 ft.

    Hello everyone, I am needing some guidance dealing with loss of signal with my P3S. I fly my P3S around home quite a bit taking photos of our farm, land, and home, etc. I have noticed if I try taking it out past 500 ft. I get a weak RC Signal warning usually followed by a complete loss of signal...
  8. A


    Hi new dji standard 3 had week ignal issues installed magic mod went on one flight was able to push it to max altitude and start return home for the first time. I have lots of wifi interferences near by and seems to have helped with the weak signal issues I had will follow up with more trials
  9. J

    Cannot retrieve images or video HELP

    New to drones and just picked up the DJI phantom 3 standard last week. I have done roughly 5 flights with it and always taken pictures while in the air. I went to get the pictures the other day off the drone and when I do it wireless through the app it says reload and cannot locate any pictures...
  10. Luke Skywalker

    Phantom 3 Professional Signal Connection

    Good Afternoon! I am super new to this as well as flying the drone for just about a week or so now, so please bare with me as I am figuring this all out! I have just a couple questions that I can't seem to locate a definite answer on at this time and need some guidance! I live in south...
  11. İ

    P4 Remote controller weak Signal at night

    I can fly with my bird at the day time anywhere. But I tried 2 times at night after 50 metres remote controller weak signal error comes. What is this i didnt understand? I saw many video about night fly videos. But we cant fly at night :S Do you think P4 doesnt get signal because of the dark...
  12. A

    Compass error .....intermittent

    Hi , I have a new Phantom 3 std ( 2nd one) and it has weak signal and it keeps having compass error. It will fly fine for a while , then compass error again. I also notice when it is hovering it doesn't stay put like my other one did?? I have calibrated it every time I fly and keep it pretty...
  13. D

    ARGtek mode or DBS mode with a P3S that has signal lost issue

    Hello... my P3S loosing signal within 40-m after 1.6.8 firmware upgrading.. I wonder what will happen If I use DBS mode or ARGtek in this situation.. if you have tried it.. please tell me the results.. Can we get at least 500m range??
  14. C

    Weak signal on 4 days old P4

    I'v has my P4 since tuesday, but everytime i try to fly farther away than 1km (aprox. 3000ft), in clear sight, i lose the signal. Yes I'v tried placing the antennas in every possible possition, I'v tried flying it at any hight between 20m and 500m, I also thought I could try to customize the...