weak image transmission signal

  1. grantiago

    Weak signal at 3000 feet distance

    I've been flying my phantom 3 pro for about a year. I'm not getting anywhere near the distances of 5km, as stated in the specs. It is more like 1000 meters and I start getting a green screen and then no signal. Most of my flying has been on the coast of mexico. Where there in no electricity...
  2. D

    Standard P3S poor video range!

    Hi All I'm sure that this issue had been discussed lots of times but despite searching the internet for fix I was not able to find a solution that would work for me... I bought my P3S 2 weeks ago and right out of the box I've noticed weak/poor video range... In the city, surrounded by buildings...
  3. Alfex

    Phantom 3 Standard Loses Video Signal Before RC signal

    So yesterday I flew my P3S about 600m away in CE mode all stock which was a new record for me and was getting the 'Image Transmission Signal Weak' warning and the video was really laggy and kept freezing however I still had full bars on the RC signal. I was wondering if this is normal as...