way points

  1. L

    Litchi Mission - Photography of House

    Hi Does anyone know of a Litchi mission which takes multiple photos of a single house from different angles, which I can find on Mission Hub or download CSV or KML. Thanks
  2. FunN4lo

    Best App for recurring way points

    I have a gig to take pics once a month at a large construction site. I was thinking way points might be the way to go to keep each position consistent month to month. If you have done this or similar. What app did you use and why?
  3. R

    Canyon Flying

    I want to take some photos in a canyon that is close to 800ft deep. I will be on top and wanted to use the Litchi waypoints. Since i will be on top and the home point will be set before i take of, can you set the way points with a negative elevation? Any thing else i might need to pay attention too?
  4. narf_44

    Motorcycle Mountain Enduro - Papua New Guinea

    This is my latest video. All self shot with my Phantom 3 Pro using way points function as well as my Nikon D600 camera. Check out my fb page to keep up with my adventures thru PNG. Security Check Required