water flying

  1. eaglewoodfilms

    Kayaking the floodplains and flying P4Pro

    Once in a few years when the signs are just right and the river Daugava in Latvia can't handle spring's meltwater the floodplains of river Dviete fill up and turn into a paradise for birds and adventure seekers. Many use this rare opportunity to jump into their kayaks and paddle through forests...
  2. Nick Wenzel

    P3 Standard low water shots

    Hey everyone, I'm thinking of pulling off a low shot close to water. My concern is that since the standard doesn't have the downward positioning system, it relies off of the altimeter. And apparently the P3S altimeter can be a bit dodgy. Has anyone tried a low shot close to water with the P3S...
  3. G

    Finally got enough nerve for an extended flight over water..

    It was dead calm on the lake I live on and I've been itching to get some aerials of some canoeing on the water, so I got my daughter and her friend to go for a paddle while I did some video. I thought they'd stay close to shore but by the time I got set up and the P4 had warmed up they were...