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    App for calculating Bearing and Distance?

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a free IOS app that will show bearing and distance from a given airport designation to your GPS location? I have B4UFLY of course as well as AirNAV FBO for airport lookups. Seems like there would be an app somewhere that would show your location and give a...
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    Litchi Warnings stay on screen

    Hi gang. Curious problem I saw for the first time today. I launch Litchi and go to FPV. Flying Phantom 4 pro.All good as usual so I put the my Iphone in the goggles and start flying FPV. Fun as usual but a minute into my flight I get a warning that I am approaching restricted airspace. I can't...
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    Satellite Positionning off warning. any idea? Help, please?

    Hello, I've seen posts with similar title, but my problem seems a bit different. all seems to bev ok, but i can't fly... I am a pro photographer using phantoms for several years and by know i think i am fairly advanced user. Today I stumbled on an error or warning, which forced me to not do my...