1. F

    Phantom 4 pro + Wanted remote.

    I have enjoyed my Phantom 4 plus. Flew great. No crashes etc. Stored it away for winter. Got it out to charge everything up. Update software etc. The remote control battery would not charge. Common problem. So I am now between three camps so to speak. My choices............. 1. Sell...
  2. Pegasus Robin


    Hi all, does anyone have the P3P gimbal main board for sale or a gimbal where the main board works? Please get in touch Cheers! Robin
  3. S

    Guyton, Georgia A Look At Land

    Hi all, I need a good look at some land I just bought, site unseen! We live out west currently, but we've been looking for land for almost a year in the Effingham County area. We finally found a piece, put in and got our offer accepted. Now the real problem: we have differing reports from our...
  4. B

    P4P+ with DJI care Refresh sale

    Great deal here P4 Pro + and OSMO Video Bundle - RC Groups
  5. A

    Wanting P3S GIMBAL

    Hello, i'm looking for used P3S part 73 gimbal, looking to see if anyone has one that works, even if the arm is broken as long as the mainboard and camera still work
  6. J

    Wanted: Phantom 4 Pro Gimbal

    Looking for a P4P gimbal. I am based in the UK so ideally someone in the UK but I'm open to offers abroad.
  7. tml4191

    Looking for a p3s+ for my kid Neighbor $200-300 USD

    Looking for a p3s+ around $200-300USD. Post your best phantom for that price range here. This is for my little neighbor's Christmas gift, so please sell him something legit. Ebay feedback helps too.
  8. D

    Wanted: Vision 2 + camera pitch motor

    Broke the shaft on mine in heavy landing. If you have one of these for pitch driver circuit board v2 for sale, please let me know price plus cost of postage to France. Many thanks, Tony
  9. S

    Wanted: Crashed or Swamped Phantom 1, Zenmuse Gimbal, GoPro Hero3 Black

    Looking to buy a crashed or swamped Phantom 1, Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal, and or GoPro Hero3 Black for a project. Please contact me if you have any leads. Thanks!
  10. R

    Phantom 4 gimbal wanted

    Does anyone have parts or a crashed P4 that could be used for parts? My phantom 4 had a little bath and shorted out the circuit board on the gimbal. Everything else is all dried up and working I just need to replace the one board. DJI is not selling gimbals yet, so I'm hoping someone here can...
  11. J

    Looking for a P3S Battery UK

    Looking for a Phantom 3 Standard Battery within the UK.
  12. K

    Want a Phantom 1 - (Europe Users )

    Hi there , I' m from Cyprus and I ' m looking to find a used Dji Phantom 1 with a GoPro mount , batteries , transmitter and all the things that the brand new comes with . My budget is €200 . Is it possible to find a one , that is in full- working condition ?
  13. J

    I want to buy a Phantom 3 Adv. or Pro. with at least 2 batteries

    I am looking for a Phantom 3 Adv. or Pro. with at least 2 batteries. I do not want a huge package deal, I am trying to minimize cost. I just want the bare minimum amount of things needed to fly (controller, phantom 3 and batteries (and a charger)). I also have a P2V for sale with 3 batteries if...
  14. Filip Ionita

    WANTED: Drone Pilots - British Drone Racing League

    WANTED Course Designers & Pilots of all abilities. An airy “Hello” to everybody on this forum. Togethia Media Services is the Production Company running the new British Drone Racing League. We want to run an event this March and film it for a TV pilot to kickstart the series. We have two...
  15. Omniround

    Phantom 3 Pro Wanted

    I have been shopping around recently for a Pro and the two best prices I have found are: Pro3, extra battery, $1048 Pro3, aluminum case, 32GB card, $989 Not the case I would have bought, but the second deal seems like a better price. Before I go with the second choice, anyone have a better...