vr goggles

  1. W

    Mobile Device Screen Damage using Virtual Reality Mode

    After using the Virtual Reality mode in Litchi for only about 15 minutes, I now have permanently burned pixel blotches on either end of my mobile device screen. After researching I've found pilots with similar issues in the DJI forums. I use a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with my P3S. If anyone else...
  2. K

    google cardboard

    i wanted to know if there was an ios app for google cardboard headtracking for the phantom 3 standard
  3. DeweyAXD

    Freefly VR Beyond - Phone Headset (really great for Litchi VR mode!)

    Just wanted to share this review on here with my fellow flyers. I was given a sample of Freefly's new VR headset for smartphone while chatting to the Freefly guys at the UK Drone Show recently. I was really impressed with it. I must admit I kinda dismissed VR headsets for phones in general...
  4. Dreamflights

    Dream Flights supports now Phantom 4

    Dream Flights, the Android app dedicated to VR flying DJI drones, added Phantom 4 support in new v.3.00 As well as 3 brand new headtracking control modes, included "airplane-style turns" see Dream Flights News: New V3.00 of Dream Flights has arrived - click to learn a lot of new features!
  5. E

    How to connect P4 to litchi app

    I am trying to connect my P4 to the Litchi App to work with the vr googles and it won' t connect. I' ve cleared the default settings for DJI GO so that it can recognise the Litchi App but it doesn't seem to fix anyting. Any idea of how to connect the litchi app with Phantom 4?
  6. A

    Phantom 3 pro + Samsung Gear vr

    Hello guys, I've browse the forums and wasn't able to find a straight answer. read a few that says samsung gear VR is only compatible with p2 but others say it works with p3 professional with a slight mod on the samsung gear VR. can anyone explain the steps done to do the mod to get them...
  7. DefaultIT

    Visual Vertigo's FPV apps (FPV and 3D FPV)

    I didn't see this mentioned here yet, so I thought I'd give a heads up, based on a couple successful flights with my P3 using head tracking (!) via my iPhone 6 in a generic vr headset (homido-ish), using a $5 app called simply "FPV" by Visual Vertigo, which appears to be about a week old. It's...
  8. V

    Phantom 3 + Samsung Gear VR

    Just Bought a Samsung Gear VR for the S6 Edge. Is there any way to FPV with the P3 using the Gear VR? Is there a DJI Pilot app on the Oculus store? If not, Is DJI working on this? Phantom 3 and Gear VR by Voodoo8648 posted Oct 18, 2015 at 12:15 PM