vision positioning system

  1. Henrik Olsen

    How to calibrate vision positioning system with DJI Assistant 2

    I ran into a bit of a challenge the DJI Go 4 App told me that my Mavic Pro firmware was abnormal. It turned out my downward vision sensors needed calibration through the DJI assistant software. If you don’t know the procedure I have made this tutorial to show you the steps needed to complete...
  2. M

    P4 in Atti keeps moving down

    Hi everyone, I'm aware there has been a lot of discussion about the Atti mode, but some of the information is mixed. My have tried the atti mode today in my room and outside, and in both cases the drone has not been steady. Inside, I just flew it a bit up (20-30 cm), and it started moving up...
  3. Skyler King III

    VPS and Forward Obstacle Avoidance on an thing other than Phantom 4?

    I love everything about my P4 but especially the VPS and forward obstacle avoidance. Is there any other drone on the market that has anything as sophisticated as the P4 VPS and obstacle avoidance. I've been a simple forward system on some but maybe I don't know where to look.
  4. jimerb

    Vision Positioning System - What height does it matter above water?

    I'm seeing some mixed posts saying to disable the VPS over water but on other posts it says that the VPS can get disoriented only a few feet above water. Can anyone clarify: Below what height should the VPS be turned off if you are not over just water? For example there is a lake I fly over...
  5. Suhail

    HOW TO: Remove or replace the VPS Module on the Phantom 3 Pro/Adv

    In case anyone needs to figure out how to remove or replace the VPS module on their aircraft, here is a quick video (part of a larger series that covers how to assemble/reassemble the entire aircraft) that might be helpful: Video