1. thefrisbee995

    Found The Best Place To Post Your Drone Videos!!

    Somebody suggested on one of my Youtube videos that I should check something called "airvuz" out. I did and I got a good few views in the last 12 hours with it and more comments than I have in months on Youtube. I think everyone here should check it out. You can easily paste your youtube video...
  2. SoCalDude

    Presidential Candidates' Views on Recreational Drones?

    I'm not referring to military drones, but what do we know about the U.S. presidential candidates' views on recreational or commercial drones?
  3. M

    My First Drone Video made in Hawaii!

    Hey guys I had a ton of fun making this video as it is my first one yet and would love to get some feedback! Doing my first wedding this weekend. All done with a Phantom 3 Professional. Thanks in advance :)