video problems

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    Micro SD card worked...but only for 15 seconds. Go figure.

    Just a quick note in case anyone else might run into this weird experience with a micro SD card . I was using an older 64GB Sandisk micro SD card in the P4P. I had used it quite a lot in previous drones with GoPros and it might have even served time in my phone before that. Well, while actually...
  2. L

    Frequent Video-Glitches even in close range (P4P+)

    Hey Guys! I'm new to the phantom family, after seeing the announcement of the P4P+ I was finally sold. I did get to use a P3 last year, the owners were beginners (I have quite some past RC-FPV experience from almost 10 years ago) so they let me take control, since I am a professional...
  3. B

    Advanced no video after 15-20 seconds

    P3A- has been working fine, now video stops in mid-flight (15-20 seconds) with or without the DJI App running. Everything else (controls, positioning, hover) all seem to be fine. Any thoughts?