video fix

  1. pete76uk

    Gimbal wobble after crash

    Hi everyone I'm really hoping someone can help me I had a low altitude crash from about 10ft and now there is a noticeable wobble on video. If you turn volume loud you can hear the vibration and see it on the top plate (one with the light on) It also does it with no props on...
  2. V

    Video is choppy/stuttering - do I need to change settings on Phantom?

    Hello. I've noticed that when I'm shooting video it becomes choppy or stutters at times - WHY? Are there ideal camera setting that I need? If yes - how do I change them? Also, is there a particular video player preferred for play back? Thanks.
  3. Luis J.

    App to fix corrupted Video Files (new one)

    I have been using the wonderful djifix.exe, but sometimes it does not repair my videos, so I looked further and found some pieces of software (all console application) which requires a lot of effort and knowledge to build the proper command line, so I made my own GUI application (using those...