video feed

  1. J

    Can't connect to Samsung s6 or Samsung Tablet

    I have a P3P and a Samsung S6 and Samsung Tablet and finding connecting to either is almost impossible! I run Litchi and have deleted Dji Go I power on the RC then the P3P and then connect the phone or tablet. Sometimes it will connect first time, other times only after I select usb mode to...
  2. D

    Litchi Track-no video feed-black screen

    I hope someone here can help me. I tried out the Track feature on litchi with my phantom 4 pro. The video feed works from take of until the moment i draw the green square around my cattle. It then turns black. It still shows the green square and everything else. The moment I cancel Track my feed...
  3. Pancake415

    Video Feed

    I need some help. I had the DJI Phantom 3 Standard at first & never had trouble with this. Now I have the Phantom 3 4 K & keep having trouble with my video feed. The remote is different than the one that came with the's like the professional one except it only has the micro USB...
  4. AdamBaron

    Video feed issues

    Recently I have been experiencing video feed problems where only the top 1/4 of the feed was viewable and the rest of the screen below was a black/ green mess which obviously made the Phantom very hard to operate/orient. Finally, I decided to stop the Phantom from automatically picking the best...
  5. Brew

    New P3P, no video feed in DJI Go

    BLUF - I have no image on my DJI GO app, it will operate the camera and video, and will record to the SD Micro Card. However, no live image on the app. What could be the problem? The rest of the story... So I finally got some time to unpack my new P3P which I bought in April. Set out...
  6. Rob Robertson

    No Live Video Feed on P3P using DJI Go or Litchi

    I have been having problems with my Phantom 3 Pro. I have eliminated some possible causes, but I’m having no luck solving the problem. Everything seems to be working fine except for the live video transmission. I get full strength on the RC connection, Full strength on the video...
  7. J

    Wire end snapped off for video feed

    The wires popped off of the port during a crash. I fit them all back in except for one which snapped off. Does anyone have any ideas for a fix without having to order another cable set? I've got a shoot coming up and don't think I have much time! Thanks!!!!
  8. M

    GJI Go freezes any video feed when recording video on Android 4.4

    Hi, I have rather odd thing here - I have updated DJI Phantom 3 Advanced to newest firmware and I can work with it with my phone LG G3 with Android 5 and it works fine. But the small display made me buy a tablet, Pocketbook SurfPad 4 L, which has only 4.4. There it works as well, but : 1) When...
  9. M

    Lost Video Feed after Update

    Phantom 2 Zenmuse H3-3D GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Fatshark Terminator V2 and 5.8GHz transmitter I kept getting prompted to update the Hero. After, I'd power up the craft and the lcd on the Hero only recognized the usb as a power source. Did a factory reset to (hopefully) void the upgrade but to no...