video feed loss

  1. K

    No video feed after firmware update

    Just did the latest firmware update and now I get nothing but choppy colors for a video feed on my K1 Shield.Before the update video feed was fine.What can I do?
  2. B

    P3Std, no video feed to Samsung S3

    1st time poster and new P3 owner, Hello co-pilots Ok Got the P3Std yesterday. Charged up the batteries, downloaded DJI Go, updated firmware, synced the wi fi. I have been able to fly through full range of movements, auto take off/land, RTH, everything works fine. BUT I have no video feed at all...
  3. S

    Video feed lost on rec/take image

    Hi everybody! So, like a lot of people around here, I also have a Phantom Vision 2 + with video feed problem. When I press the REC button (or try to take a pic), I get the shutter animation followed by a black screen with "Phantom connection broken" and the video feed never gets back. I need...
  4. AdamBaron

    Video feed issues

    Recently I have been experiencing video feed problems where only the top 1/4 of the feed was viewable and the rest of the screen below was a black/ green mess which obviously made the Phantom very hard to operate/orient. Finally, I decided to stop the Phantom from automatically picking the best...
  5. Fantasmagorico

    Loss of video feed and RC signal

    Yesterday I was testing the FPV CAMERA app's Mission Control and set a trajectory that took my P3P beyond tall buildings where I lost both the video feed and RC signal. I waited to see if it would complete the mission as advertised . . . and waited . . . and waited until I feared that the...