video cache

  1. imagine23

    P4P+ cache full

    I've had this issue before and it's cropped up once again. I received a "cache full" error followed by a phone icon with a slash through it on the red record button. I can record video, but I'll get a random beep after a few seconds that kicks out the recording. If I hit the record button...
  2. Paulie1340

    Standard P3S Video Caching?

    I was having a problem with jerky(stop, delay, start) video. Someone suggested I turn on video caching. So I did. I don't have jerky video anymore. Can anyone tell me where I can read up on what video caching means in context of the P3S. How it works and why it solved my problem? (The more...
  3. Andrewandron

    Professional Why are my videos not caching on my iPad anymore?

    My iPad used to always record a 720p version of all my flight videos automatically when ever I was in record mode. I could go into "editor" in the Go App and there was a low quality copy of every video I ever recorded. I never used this of course for my finished video but it was nice to have to...