1. P

    Black verticle stripes running through video.

    I recently bought a used phantom 4, and after looking at the video I noticed that there are black verticle stripes running through the video. I did some research and reset all my camera settings and updated the drone, but the problem persisted. I turned over exposure warning off and the problem...
  2. tml4191

    Sinking Bell Tower: Vertical Panorama

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  3. acebattiste

    Vertical Gimbal Tilt Not Responding to Touch

    I have a new P3A and the vertical/pitch gimbal tilt is not responding to the touch pad indicator on the DJI GO app. I can move the gimbal from 90 degrees to 180 degrees with the C2 control but when I swipe down on the control ledger on the right side of the screen, the gimbal doesn't move. I...
  4. T

    Unable to Calibrate

    Hi, I've just recently brought an DJI Phantom 2 Vision from eBay, and my attempt to calibrate this device has been unsuccessful several times. When I horizontally calibrate it everything is fine and the led lights turn to green, however when I do it vertically I do not have the same luck. Is...
  5. B

    Beyond 400 ft vertical but less than 400 AGL?

    I have not seen a recent solution to this limitation problem in the DJI GO app. Doing photos of fall colors in the Rockies over the weekend, it became clear that the 400' limit was becoming a problem. Launching at the bottom of an aspen grove growing on a steep mountainside, I would quickly...
  6. J

    Focus software

    Hi all Is there any software on the market that does what the Vertical software does ? I would love to use the Vertcal software, but as i am an IOS user i will have to wait for it... but i need some software of that kind. I am filming wild horses that tends to change direction without telling...