1. Steve_in_DE

    Updating Litchi in app store, not getting latest version?

    I have had Litchi since almost the beginning. It lives on my ipad and my Samsung phone (yes I bought both platforms). I recently updated Litchi on my ipad via the app store, but I am not clear that I got a newer version. I now have v2.2. Is that the latest? If not do I need to buy it again...
  2. Drogon

    Can not connect remote to P3A

    Good Morning! I am having a really hard time getting my remote to connect to my drone since updating to the latest firmware. Does anyone know of a site that would have posted the previous versions of firmware? Thanks
  3. ImJim

    Did the wrong steps when updating P3A

    Hey, My RC is completely screwing up since I tried to update it to v 1.9 three weeks ago. (I'm sure it's because of that) I can't connect my iPhone to the RC, no connection between the RC and the iPhone. I tried everything: backed up the phone and restored it via iTunes twice...
  4. cocoamedia

    Firmware different...

    Brand New P3P I have updated my Phantom & Battery using the memory card and my RC via the Go App. When I look at about us it shows: Aircraft Version 1.4.10 RC 1.4.30 Is that ok? Should they be the same firmware version? Thanks for any help ;)