1. DoSMaN

    Problem with 2-step login

    Hello, Starting 2 days ago, i started receiving automated e-mail regarding 2-step login with a code like someone is trying to get in the forum with my credentials. After a 30 sec search i saw that was from my ip from my computer. The problem is that i have left opened 2 tabs of the forum and...
  2. byrne68

    Problem verifying telephone number with DJI for Geo System Unlocking?

    Hi everyone, Anyone else having issues trying to verify a phone number for the advanced unlocking ? The DJI system keeps sending me back to the map page when enter my cell number and try to proceed. Tried in several browsers, different phone number formats, not even an error message. Endless...
  3. D

    VeriDrone project: building quadcopters people can bet their lives on

    For the past year or so, I've been working on the VeriDrone project, in which we formally verify safety of quadcopter software. Here's a brief introduction to the project:Short introduction to the VeriDrone project. We have an active blog, which I want to share with the community to get some...