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    Greetings from Vancouver, BC. Canada

    DJI Mavic Decal by drones-ace posted May 10, 2017 at 3:19 PM[/GALLERY]Just have a Phantom 3 Advanced. Feel very outdated. Was going to fly a lot more this year until the Canadian government basically told us we can't fly anywhere. Now for me to fly my drone, I have to drive 1 hr + to be able to...
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    Aerial Views of Stanley Park, Kitsilano & Whistler.. Hello summer!

    Aerial Views of Stanley Park, Kitsilano & Whistler. Since summer has started, just wanted to share my latest edit.Cheers!
  4. Hammer

    Lululemon Ladies Paddleboarding

    Here is a short video I shot the other day with a couple of the gals from Lululemon head office in Kitsilano, Vancouver. Let me know what you think. PLease Like and subscribe to my channel
  5. Hammer

    Go Kart Track video

    Last fall my buddy allen went to Greg Moore Raceway which is a private kart track in Chilliwack BC. We were out there to turn a few laps on his LO206 Karts as well as Test drive the GZero Racing electric kart. I happened to have my phantom with me so shot a couple batteries worth and then cut...