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    P3 Advanced won't update Aircraft Firmware v1.10.90

    I downloaded the file, extracted/unzipped the bin file, and pasted it onto the memory card using the micro USB cable. I unplugged the USB cable from the drone, and nothing. The gimble light just stays green. It doesn't flash between red and green, and it doesn't turn red, it just stays green...
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    P3 Firmware P3S Drone reupdates every time I turn it on

    I updated to V1.08.0100 and had the terrible loud beeping for about a half an hour once that stopped It said that it was complete. After a battery recharge I turned everything back on and it updated again (minus the loud beeping). Now every time I turn the P3S on it goes through the update...
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    Firmware update failed, can't see live camera feed

    I received a DJI Phantom 3 Professional that was manufacture refurbished from DJI and includes the 1 year warranty. Everything worked flawlessly when I turned it on and connected it to my tablet, but it said that a firmware update was needed. So I went to DJIs website and downloaded the latest...