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    Phantom 3 Pro Gimbal Yaw Issue

    I have recently purchased a used Phantom 3 Professional. The seller said that the item had been tested and worked. I got the item and the gimbal was in bad condition. After taking apart the gimbal, putting back together, and alot of firmware updates, I am having a problem with the yaw arm...
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    Help on flight log file messages

    Hi All! I am sorry if this particular topic has been discussed, I haven't managed to find anything similar in the existing threads. I am planning to buy a used P3P, which seems to be in perfect condition from the outside, but I've downloaded the DAT log files stored on the internal SD, and...
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    Used phantom pro

    Hi there... Newbie pilot here. I bought a used P3P from ebay, and will arrive in couple weeks from now. Just wondering if u guys can give me any tips to check the condition of my drones hardware/software before i attempt to fly it. Need to be extra carefull since its a used unit. Its not like...