1. C


    For sale is my LIKE NEW DJI Osmo w/ Zenmuse X3 and an additional 2 extra DJI intelligent batteries. The camera was only used ONCE during a 3 day trip to San Francisco. Other than that it has been in storage. Wasn't a big fan of it and just purchased the new Osmo Pocket. Comes with all original...
  2. mmjax

    Visiting Canada from US - Anything I need to be aware of?

    I am road-tripping with the family in a few weeks. As part of that trip, we plan to enter Canada near Detroit MI, stay with some friends in Toronto for a few days, drive up to Montreal, then re-enter the US into Maine where we will visit some other friends. I expect we will be in Canada for...
  3. R

    Old Glory

  4. furthertofly

    Flying Through Fantasy Canyon

    Decided to get down inside this tricky little spot in eastern Utah and get some close-ups without destroying my P4P+. A few sweaty-palm moments, for sure, but it worked out okay.
  5. Phil Tuggle

    Proposed US Federal Reg? Give Cities added power up to 200 ft AGL?

    Please tell me I am reading this incorrectly, if you know the facts... One of our greatest heroes in helping to remove despotic and nonsensical drone regulations is Brenden Schulman, right? He worked on - and won - a couple of landmark cases when things were just getting started, and now he...
  6. S

    SkyNet Swarm of Micro Drones

    Hey so I recently published a drone story about the US Department of Defense Micro Drone program. They are cool but super creepy. Like take out the human race creepy. AV News: D.O.D's Swarm Micro Drones
  7. A

    Need your advice please, short clip

    HI guys I'm a new addition to your DJI family. Just did my third clip of our trip to Niagara Falls. Feel free to comment and provide feedback as I'm fairly new drone pilot and still learning. Highly appreciated all your guru advices. Please watch this video with music on as it suits my concept...
  8. Gary Vaughan

    Going to Australia with P4 - any suggestions

    So I live in the US and I'll be traveling to Australia in November and I'm thinking of taking my P4 with me. I've been looking around to see if I can fly it in Sydney and other surrounding areas that I'll be visiting and there doesn't seem to be a ton of information (and I'm afraid of getting...