update controller failed

  1. B

    Firmware update** need help

    So, I've updated all my equipment. I actually did this right when the new update came out.. So, as it has in the past; the firmware did something to my hardware. First time it broke my camera. This time my controller will not control anything on the drone. I've tried re-linking..re-installing...
  2. Mydrone70

    remote control updated

    My remote for the advanced was updated but now render useless thanks to the update ...All it does is make a pitch squeal ...And all i did was change from android to a apple pad for monitor use
  3. C

    P3 pro controller won't update

    HELP HELP HELP I just bought a p3 pro can . I managed to update the aircraft but the controller won't update. I have tried all usb methods and connecting to aircraft no luck.... I have read somewhere that it needs to be done via the add/phone . How is this done Please help
  4. Eric Casimiro

    P3 Firmware Phantom Firmware v1.9.60 didn't update Controller?

    The new Phantom 3 Advanced Firmware v1.9.60 my P3A just fine, but when I went to update the controller nothing happened? Is this update just for the aircraft and batteries only?