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  1. D

    Updates to PfCO renewal - Question UK.

    I got my PfCO last February and sadly have not done a single official flight because of the lockdown and have in fact branched out away from using the drone commercially. So now I'm about to renew it and looking to get airborne this year but on renewing, I notice that there are some changes that...
  2. Green Phantom

    NEW Drone LAWS & Rules 2018 - UK

  3. Ian Bailey

    Southampton UK

    Hey there. I'm really interested in organising a meet in the near future for those in Southampton and surrounding areas, and just want to find out first how many would be keen on the idea. So.... Any takers?
  4. DreamToFly

    UK Drone pressure group?

    In recent news, we've been informed that the UK is planning on introducing tougher regulations and are set to milk the cash cow here. The reason for this tyrannical line the government are about to go down is partially idiot drone pilots monging it. Is there a sort of UK drone pressure...
  5. L

    Anyone from England????

    hi all, Wanted to connect with others from England or UK. Love looking for inspiration for my next video. Please subscribe to my www.facebook.com/driftingbeyondUK and Drifting Beyond Please feel free to post your links on here so I can see your work and subscribe!! thanks
  6. L

    UK Drone Videos

    Hi all, I'm always on the look out to find new places to film in the UK. I have added my You Tube link for a couple of the videos I've got round to editing. Really keen to see other peoples work and get any tips. If you could post your links here would love to see them. Thanks D Drone
  7. taurus35

    Phantom 3 Standard for sale

    I'm selling my Phantom 3 Standard as I now have a Phantom 4 Pro. Purchased on 12th Nov 2016, so only 4 months old & not flown for over a month. 23 flights on DJI Go & Litchi, no hard landings, tip overs or crashes. Sale includes: DJI Phantom 3 Standard with original battery & all original...
  8. O

    Latest drone status in UK

    Hi all, Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere recently, a quick search didn't bring it up. I now have my ifrst drone, a lovely P3S and am about to set off to fly it and hopefully not crash it immediately! I heard on the UK news only a few days ago that they (government, CAA or whatever...
  9. Nowelly

    Drone newbie in the UK... Any advice welcome!

    Hello everyone! It's my first time here in this forum, and, it is my first time venturing into the world of drones, so, I am looking forward to talking with enthusiasts, experienced and hobbyists. I will just say that I still do not yet have my drone: it is on order, but DJI seem to be taking...
  10. gingerbloke

    [UK] Lenovo TAB2 £99 at Argos and works with DJI Go / P3A

    Heads up on this 10" tablet currently on deal at Argos for £99 - I bought it for the in-laws as a Christmas present but wanted to try it out with the Phantom as I'll probably buy another if it works OK. The tablet is Lenovo TAB 2 A10-30 (model nr TB2-X30F), running Android 6.0.1 (kernel...
  11. P

    Requirements to become a CAA PfCO Trainer

    Hi I have been flying for just over a year as a hobby and I am thinking of moving forward and getting qualified here in the UK. I have looked into the requirements to obtain PfCO from the CAA, but I was wondering once I have received my qualification does this entitle me to act as a trainer to...
  12. C

    Introduction from ChrisW, P4, Hampshire/Oxfordshire, UK

    Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself. I am a Phantom 4 owner (just waiting for it to be delivered) from Hampshire, UK. I've decide to take the plunge in buying a Phantom 4 after a couple of years of watching the scene and experimenting and learning to fly manually with smaller hobbyist...
  13. will.moindrot

    2nd P4 flight over Formby beach UK

    We took our shared Phantom 4 out for a flight over Formby beach near Liverpool in the UK, during the good weather last weekend giving some nice sunset flying. This was our second flight/video so we were controlling it very gingerly, and in the edit I can see that we missed out opportunities for...
  14. M

    UK Police to use Eagles to pull drones out the sky

    This is quite an amazing video to see. If you by any chance happen to fly over a NFZ, you will have one of these bad boys recover your drone for you lol. Police 'ponder eagles to tackle drones' - BBC News I seriously wouldn't see this being used, but if it does you can at least see a real...
  15. AndyGB

    Rolling hills, crashing waves, and ancient buildings

  16. AndyGB

    Seaside town of Minehead, gateway to Exmoor National Park, England

    A panoramic view of Minehead, a pretty little English seaside town famous as the gateway to Exmoor National Park.
  17. AndyGB

    Misty Woods in Exmoor, England

    Escaping from the rain this afternoon in Hopcott woods, Exmoor, England. (And a chance to try out the Phantom 3's HDR and AEB modes).
  18. AndyGB

    Auchterhouse Hill, near Dundee in Scotland

  19. cocoamedia

    Cases (again...) UK edition.

    I know this has been covered a million times but it seems much harder to find decent cases in the UK. @msinger does a great job over at Phantom Help listing cases but most of the links go to amazon.com and the cases aren't available on the .co.uk site. Buying direct from the USA is expensive...