1. D

    real time

    5:05 - 6:54 UFO
  2. JonEQuest

    100 Watt LED Spotlight!!!

    I added a 100 Watt LED to my P3P. It is powered by a 3S 11.1v 2,200mAh lithium battery. I got the LED and 12-36v converter off of Amazon. The other parts are scavenged from other stuff I had laying around. The light is activated by a mercury switch that is attached to my camera. When I point the...
  3. Joey Shanks

    UFO visual effects

    Hey I'm Joey Shanks and I am new to the forum. Just got a DJI Phantom 3 standard, and I am fairly new to flying drones. I create visual effects for my PBS web series "Shanks FX" and my next episode deals with creating UFO visuals with my new drone. A couple gifs --> Here is link to...