1. C

    New to surveying

    Hi All I am new to surveying and i have currently set myself up using a Geoexplorer GNSS Rover to gather my data. While i was being trained on this i was informed that i could purchase a standard enough drone to carry out mapping which i could then import through software like Metashape into...
  2. Drone Analyst

    Take Survey and Enter to Win a DJI Spark

    I have put together an important survey that will help shed some light on what's happening in the drone industry. I’ve written about it in this blog post. It takes about 10 minutes to get through the survey, and all participants are given a free summary report and the chance to win a DJI Spark...
  3. O

    California State Parks - Where can you really fly?

    Hi, Since flying drones is not illegal in California State Parks (unless said otherwise in the Park's rules), I've scanned most of the California State Parks website and wrote down any drone reference I could find. Here are the (very sad) results, I hope it will be useful for other drone...
  4. biznitch15

    The Air Traffic Control Podcast

    What's up fellow pilots! My partner Chris and I are both Air traffic Controllers that fly drones in our spare time, we started a podcast about ATC but we talk about different topics in the aviation industry. Episode 3 we talk a little about Drones. We hope you enjoy and If you do, please...
  5. AirVūz

    North Dakota - Silicon Valley of Drones

    AirVūz News made it up to Grand Forks, North Dakota to cover the UTM development work that local companies were collaborating with NASA on, you can find that story HERE. What we ended up learning, aside from the interesting elements of what goes into developing an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Traffic...
  6. I

    National Airspace System Stakeholder Survey

    My name is Dr. Igor Dolgov; I am an Associate Professor of Engineering Psychology at New Mexico State University. I am currently conducting an online survey regarding potential training and certification criteria for visual observers involved in operations of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)...
  7. Drone Analyst

    Take Short Survey and Enter to Win a Free DJI Spark Drone

    We have put together an important survey that'll help shed some light on what's happening in the commercial drone industry. I’ve written about the survey over here. It takes about 7-8 minutes to get through, and all participants are given the chance to win a DJI Spark or one of two $100 gift...
  8. Mike2A

    FAA Spreadsheet of UAS Hobbyist/Non-Hobbyist Registrations by State/City/Zip

    Stumbled across this on the FAA UAS website, although a little stale (as of 5/12/2016), this is an Excel spreadsheet showing the number of hobbyist/non-hobbyiest UAS registrations by State/City/Zip. NOTE: RENAME FILE BY REMOVING ".TXT" FROM FILENAME BEFORE OPENING IN EXCEL. Passing it on, for...
  9. Helihover

    The New Drone Base Flight App

    Yesterday I received the same email many of you did explaining the new app from Drone Base. I figured we could discuss thoughts and experiences here. I haven't read the blog yet, just skimmed the email. I have the app (obviously) , but haven't hooked the P4 to it yet. It looks as if some of the...
  10. tml4191

    Why drone taxis are bad for the drone community...Article/Pics

    PopUp: Hybrid Drone Taxi -The Future Is In The Air - WeTalkUAV
  11. VVATC

    If UASs could have nightmares...

    ...this is what they would look like. About 1.5 miles west of my house in the high desert.
  12. P

    Phantom 4 Operator from South Carolina

    Hello, I was browsing the internet doing some research, when I came across this site. I checked it out, and thought why not. My name is Will, I live in Summerville. I am new to UAS. I DO understand the rules and look forward to long flight times. Anyone know of a cool and safe place to operate...