1. Clapper

    New Video - Santa Catalina Peaks

    Santa Catalina Peaks - Some scenes shot with Phantom 3 Standard prior to it being lost, the rest with the Mavic Pro, in the Santa Catalina Mountains near Tucson Arizona, Saguaro National Park. Edited with PowerDirector 15.
  2. gringorio

    Chasing a Train and Vertical Practice (P3P)

    Hey Ya'll, Just messing around with my P3P... First video I decided to drive to the outskirts of Tucson and try to capture video of a train. Well, the train approached so quickly I was late on take-off: In this video I went up Mount Lemmon hoping to catch some aerial of the "snow" that...
  3. gringorio

    MT Lemmon Hoodoo Rocks

    Just messing around with my P3P:
  4. J


    Check it out!
  5. gringorio

    Clouds and Cliffs - Mount Lemmon, Tucson

    We finally had a front move through and there were some low-hanging clouds up on Mount Lemmon in Tucson, Arizona. Not the best light, but it was a fun flight up and down the mountain sides which are composed of large granite outcroppings:
  6. gringorio

    Positive Responses ...

    I just wanted to add a couple recent positive experiences I've had in regards to flying my Phantom 3 Pro quadcopter. Yesterday I decided to fly a couple batteries since they had been sitting fully charged a few days. The location is a popular hiking spot, near several private homes, a...