1. P

    Cannot enter manual settings

    I am a long time pilot, used to the P3P. Bought a P4P V2.0 today and downloaded the DJI Go 4 app. Everything works in full auto, but when I click on the symbol for manual settings, it doesn't do anything. What is set wrong to get me there? I've tried everything I can think of, researched all...
  2. George McCann

    Standard Seriously short signal

    Hi to all! I have posted recently on the website regarding the troubles i have been having with my video signal I have a Phantom 3 standard that i cannot get any video feed after around 30m high. I have recently changed the video down-link 2.4ghz antenna's within the drone as these were...
  3. mrdakin

    Standard video playback puzzle

    If anyone can help me with this little problem, I'd be eternally grateful! Here's the situation. I bought a Phantom 3 standard a while back. I'm a photographer so being able to take 2.7k aerial video was a no-brainer. However, my computer will not play ANY of the 2.7k videos I take with it...