1. S

    My drone and me in Russia, no internet for 2 months

    Dear Pilots, I am completely new to the forum, but not new to flying phantoms. The picture is shot with me flying a P2. This summer I will go to arctic Russia (70 degrees north) with my P4a+ to film a documentary about research on geese. As I mentioned in the title, there will be no internet or...
  2. chapsrlz

    regulations in japan and south korea, im travelling next week.

    hi guys. in a couple weeks im travelling to south korea (seoul) and japan (fukuoka, beppu, hiroshima, osaka, nara, kyoto, tokyo, etc) and im planning to bring the quad with me. about a couple years ago i went with a p2 but im pretty sure things have change a lot so any thoughts about...
  3. F

    Travelling; Help on removing the landing gear for easier transport?

    Hi, I recently bought a Phantom 3 Standard. Have been enjoying it but have found it kind of bulky. So far I've been putting it in a duffelbag and taking it with me on hikes. In a couple of week's i'll be getting on a plane for Italy and am wondering if it is possible to easily remove the...