1. U

    Can I take my p4 on a Qatar airways flight

    Can I take my p4 on a Qatar airways flight to Pakistan? And how would I go about taking it.
  2. DjiPhantomMenace

    Traveling To China then Philippines from US

    Hi guys quick question. I'm planning on bringing my P3 Standard on a trip this March-April from the US to China onward to the Philippines, I don't plan on flying my drone in Shanghai or Hong Kong. However, I do plan on flying in the Philippines. What are the regulations in china when just...
  3. stl10cards

    An American traveling Greece w/DJI 4I

    I am an American who in 2017 bought a DJI 4 in Israel, and then traveled throughout Israel and then to all of Greece filming. I will be adding very nice footage as time and wifi permits. Thank you and I hope you enjoy.
  4. M

    Need Help... Im flying to Peru, Columbia & Dominican Republic. I dont know what I need from a legal

    Im going on a trip to South America thus flying to the following countries : Peru, Columbia and Dominican Republic. I just had a panic attack when i did a quick search for if by any chance any countries banned them and saw page loads of regulations and whatnots. Im asking here if anyone knows...
  5. A

    Fly Mavic Pro in EU (Italy and France)

    I am going to have a tour in Rome, Florence, Vince, Milan in Italy and Paris in France. can i fly drone in those cities? where can i check the fly zone information? of course, i do not plan to fly in those government building. but how about in the air of attractions in those cities?
  6. J

    Flying tomorrow!! Please help!

    So I am flying tomorrow from the US to Heathrow, London (then again to Scotland). I called British Airways this evening and they told me I HAVE to check in my drone...after all the research I did, I assumed that it'd be fine. I'm kinda freaking out my drone is gonna break in my luggage. I have a...
  7. Flying Dre

    Traveling with the drone through Moscow airports?

    Hi guys, Most of the threads relating to traveling with the drone are somewhat outdated. Just wondering if anyone's had a recent experience of travelling via any Moscow airports with the drone? I am going to Europe this week and my first stop is Moscow. I don't plan to film there (I heard of...
  8. nunes18

    Recommendations - Case for Phantom 3 Standard

    I will be traveling (flying) later this month and want to bring my Drone - P3S. I currently keep my drone in its original box but need something that will protect it better. Doesn't have to be a hard case. I will consider a "backpack" style case/holder. Not looking to spend too much as I don't...
  9. 28wins

    Dedicated PolarPro Drone Trekker backpack thread

    Hello Fellas, I am Tom and I love my drone! I have spent several hours researching how to make my P4 fit in my current busy travel lifestyle so I can always have it with me. Work has me flying once or often twice a month. I never check-in luggage so I carry a duffle bag (overhead compartment...