1. F

    Travelling; Help on removing the landing gear for easier transport?

    Hi, I recently bought a Phantom 3 Standard. Have been enjoying it but have found it kind of bulky. So far I've been putting it in a duffelbag and taking it with me on hikes. In a couple of week's i'll be getting on a plane for Italy and am wondering if it is possible to easily remove the...
  2. swlamarshrunner

    Received PolarPro Drone Trekker Backpack - Review

    Just got my PolarPro Drone Trekker backpack in today and in short, this thing is awesome and I would buy it again with the price point at $130..... I actually got it for $110 shipped with their current discount code! I haven’t got to put my P4 in the bag because I caught UPS on my way to work...
  3. U

    Drones as Mass Transport

    I believe these vehicles, if up scaled, could easily evolve into passenger vehicles in the near future. They are autonomous, reliable, inexpensive to manufacture, stable, Have very few moving parts especially compared to cars, Need very little infrastructure, ie roads Have 2 pairs of...