1. TheCaveMan

    P4P+ Go 4 app - Editor

    Is it just me, or is there a serious problem w/ a lack of access to the files that have been edited in the Go 4 app? The only options I found is strictly to share to Social Media alone. If I use the Go 4 app's Editor to produce a mini-movie "on the fly", there is no way possible to access that...
  2. J

    What is the best way to transfer Media?

    When it comes to transferring the Phantom 4's Media what is the best way to retain the quality of 4K video and photos?
  3. Richard24

    Flying away from home..

    When flying away from home where you can't save your movie data, how can I transfer movies to a external device from being away from home.
  4. T

    Can Advanced done use Standard camera and gimbal?

    My P3 Advanced crashed.The gimbal and camera were lost. After looking into the price of a new P3 Advanced camera, I realized it's not a whole lot more to buy a new P3 standard. If I bought a P3 standard, could I detach the gimbal and camera in it and use them on my P3 Advanced. I've seen this...