1. T

    For those of you who do want more ins and outs of the P4Pro

    Just a couple of thoughts of possible interest. I screwed up and bought the P4pro + and because it doesn't accept 3rd party apps, I ended up getting a regular p4pro controller and went to GAZELLE (internet) for a used ipad Air - 2 9.7". The drone works like a charm! Frys has an 18" cable for...
  2. I

    National Airspace System Stakeholder Survey

    My name is Dr. Igor Dolgov; I am an Associate Professor of Engineering Psychology at New Mexico State University. I am currently conducting an online survey regarding potential training and certification criteria for visual observers involved in operations of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)...
  3. M3aerial

    Ground School Training in Canada

    Hi, It doesn't take long being in this industry before you start to notice when things are done the right way, or the wrong way. It's so important to ensure that you understand what the capabilities, and limitations of these little (and sometimes not to little) machines that we love to fly...
  4. P

    Requirements to become a CAA PfCO Trainer

    Hi I have been flying for just over a year as a hobby and I am thinking of moving forward and getting qualified here in the UK. I have looked into the requirements to obtain PfCO from the CAA, but I was wondering once I have received my qualification does this entitle me to act as a trainer to...
  5. kennedye

    Questions about night waivers

    So these are the items necessary to meet the performance based standards to obtain a 107.29 waiver for flying beyond civil twilight: Applicant must provide a method for the remote pilot to maintain visual line of sight during darkness. Applicant must provide a method for the remote pilot to...
  6. H

    Indianapolis, Indiana - Phantom 3 experts???? Need Training

    I am looking to meet-up with anyone who is an expert with their Phantom 3. I am purchasing a Phantom 3 Advance it would be nice to have a hands on training with someone/people. Only so much you can get from Youtube videos.