1. A

    Abandoned Race Track

    Abandoned track, now used as a parking lot for a Nissan dealership up the road.
  2. tml4191

    The Notorious Lily Drone is Back Under A New Company!

    Newly Owned 2017 Lily Drone is Available to Buy! - WeTalkUAV
  3. D

    Litchi Track-no video feed-black screen

    I hope someone here can help me. I tried out the Track feature on litchi with my phantom 4 pro. The video feed works from take of until the moment i draw the green square around my cattle. It then turns black. It still shows the green square and everything else. The moment I cancel Track my feed...
  4. Carl1770

    Track on map not showing

    Good Morning All I prepped the P4 yesterday for a local flight. The bird handled perfectly but I noticed the arrow which normally follows/creates? the track refused to move and remained stubbornly over my take off point. As I often fly in heavily wooded terrain, I rely on this navaid quite a...
  5. Hangfire

    Tracking lost P4

    Hello, I fly over a forested area and lost my P4 into the thick underbrush of the forest floor. I was able to find it within a short time by reviewing the flight recording, but it was a lucky stroke, mainy because of the thickness of the underbrush. As it was I had to tramp through poison oak...
  6. A-P

    ACTIVE Tracking QUESTION (with video)

    Have you noticed a green arrow pointing to either left or right when Active Tracking is engaged? What does that arrow mean or point to?!? You can see that in this video (from 2:05 to 2:17):