1. U

    Do it Yourself - Phantom 4 Pro Teardown and Repair

    Group to help each other through photographic details of hardware teardown procedures and repair. Procedure gurus are encouraged to participate. Issues need to be posted with pictures. Software issues as a result of teardown and repair is ok to share but not operational software issues.
  2. Drone Master

    DJI Goggles, What's inside.

    I thought this was a cool artical on what makes these things tick. Let's take a look inside. DJI Goggles Teardown: Why Are They So Big?
  3. H

    I created a teardown / rebuild tutorial for the P3 Adv/Pro

    Hello Phantom Pilots, I have used this forum many times to solve problems with my Phantoms, this is my first time posting though. I wanted to give something back to the community so I created a guide meant to help someone who needs to disassemble their Phantom for maintenance and would like...
  4. G

    P2V+ Main Brd PSU Fault?

    Hi All, P2V+ refers - It appears the Main Brd PSU is dead. I would like to identify the PSU Regulator Comp. On attached pics I have marked what I think it is. Chip marked with MP24820N I can't find a datasheet on this chip, if correct. Is there a teardown to indicate the functional blocks on...