1. Sevyn13

    Addon Light Going Out In Flight

    I purchased an addon light for my P3S and it worked for maybe five slights but now it's giving me problems. When I turn my drone on and turn the light on with the switch on the converter the light works fine and will continue to work indefinitely on the ground. When I turn the rotors on the...
  2. Sevyn13

    Cancel RTH Quickly

    So a friend came over and wanted to see me fly my drone. I told him the battery was charging but it was probably enough to just hover around for a few minutes. Anyway that's what I did. I did not hear it say it was initiating RTS, possibly cause of the noise from the drone being so close. There...
  3. R

    I/O Port

    I'm sure you've all see this question. On a 3 advanced..is there a function to have an I/o port..ie...just a connection to manipulate a simple switch? Details appreciated.
  4. Vincent Vansteenkiste

    Changing DJI FC40 gimbal

    Hey I got an dji FC40 but I am not completle happy with his gimbal but I can get a camera from an dji 2vision+ for a good price.Should I switch the gimbal? Is this possible? Thanks, Vincent
  5. Donald

    Motor Kill function didn't work at landing...

    Hi everyone. Twice tonight I tried to land and the typical "down and out" on the joysticks didn't kill the engine like it always has. What am I doing wrong? It's a P3A. DZ