1. hasofy

    Above and beyond Sunnemo Ecovillage in Sweden

    Stayed at this lovely ecovillage in Värmland, Sweden during an exceptionally hot and dry summer. Got some nice shots of the area with my old bird. Looking forward to your comments, guys.
  2. S

    Sweden and Norway

    Hi everyone, just finished my trip around Scandanavia and Norway. Still learning so messed up plenty of shots but managed to scrape some footage together. Feedback welcome, enjoy!
  3. Isak

    Give me some feedback!

    Hey, I just got a Phantom 3 Standard and I've been trying to film with it for a couple of weeks now. I just uploaded a video on youtube: So I'm doing a series were I will upload one drone video every month just to practice my dronegame as well as praciticing my editing. So I would be honoured...
  4. AndyA

    Wanted: P2V+ internal WiFi module (PVP-03)

    After a forced update earlier this year my video downlink completely broke, I have narrowed it down to a bad WiFi module but don't really feel like spending halv the Phantom's worth buying a new one from the store, just to sell it and upgrade to a P4.. So if anyone has a spare laying around...
  5. RCLifeOn

    Summer's Day in Sweden

    This was shot with the DJI Phantom 3 advanced at 2.7K 30fps. Even though I've flown multicopters and rc airplanes for many years, I'm still a newbie when it comes to controlling the Phantom. This was probably my third or fourth flight.
  6. M

    Phantom 4 Aerial Shots in Sweden, Juni. 2016.

    Hello guys! This is nothing special, just my first real video shot with my newly acquired Phantom 4 drone. :) Hope you like it, as much as I did making it.
  7. D

    Very close call and crash with my Dji Phantom 4

    Had my first crash and close call with my Phantom 4, lost rc signal and it started to return to home, thanks to the obsticle avoidance system it didnt crash, but it was hella close