1. G

    Display problems

    I read the list of displays that works with the DJI but I didn't see anything about what really work when it comes to visibility of the screen. My problem is that I have polarized glasses that gets dark when sun is shining outside and when that happens I can not see the screen at all. I think I...
  2. P

    Glenshee Scotland - glorious sunshine on the last day of winter.

    Beautiful weather in Scotland this weekend. A short 1 hour drive from my home to Glenshee, allowed me to get some great shots of the Ski Centre, Glenshee and the fabulous hills that surround the glen. I have climbed them all, so I now love be able to see them from a different perspective. Enjoy...
  3. Skyeyevideo

    Port d'Andratx bay, Mallorca - from the air!

    Port d'Andratx bay, Mallorca - from the air!- #sunshine #mallorca #balearics #spain @mallorcarocks @_Baleares
  4. L

    LightShield WeatherWriter's unique anti-glare solution for tablet computers

    The LightShield™ is designed to protect tablets from glare from the sun or internal lighting. It will also offer protection from the rain in the same way as a WeatherWriter™. It gives the user privacy, making it easier to view confidential information in public places. It is small enough to fit...