1. J

    Best Sunshade Option for P4P Controller with iPad 9.7" & Case

    Hello, I'd like to get everyone's opinion on the best sunshade. I use an iPad 9.7" with Apple's silicone case. I've looked at the shades from, but I'm not sure I want that kind of bulk or even if they would work without taking the case off of my iPad. Thanks in...
  2. R

    Sun shade

    Hi everyone, I'm needing some help. I have a Phantom 3 Standard and a Galaxy Tab 3, which is 7 inches. I've looked all over for a sun shade for this tablet but I'm not having much luck. Can anyone recommend one for this tablet please? A link also would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I

    Phantom 3 Advanced w/Box and Accessories -$450 (SOLD)

    Edit: it has been sold, no longer available
  4. niteliter

    Better monitor,Better day!

    I started with a Blu 5.0 Dash,then a Blu 5.0 Advance (all cheap phones) a tad better.Then,I tried a used Nexus 7 ($65.00) Gen 1,better,then a Nexus 7 ($88.00)Gen 2,BAMM!,printed out a nice big screen shade on my 3d printer (Anet A8,$152.00 shipped)along with ALOT of other 3D stuff,added "Du...
  5. Noble 1

    For Sale Phantom 4 with LOTS of UPGRADES $999

    This has been sold. Thanks for looking. Phantom 4 Quadcopter - excellent condition Controller with Range Extender Charger & 2 Batteries Mint Cinema Series Polar Pro ND & Polarizer kit Mint Taco ND filter kit Tablet/Phone sunshade Extended Landing gear LowPro CS DroneGuard Backpack...
  6. rcheing

    DIY: iPad Air Ghetto Starbucks Sunshade :-D

    I live in sunny South Florida which makes it hard to see the screen of my tablet because of the glare. I've also been too cheap to purchase one of the plastic sunshades seen around Amazon. Anyway, I usually purchase my coffee at Costco and I noticed the inside width of the Starbucks box is...
  7. R

    Finally an "ADJUSTABLE" Cold Shoe Mount

    Hi Guys, Just released the new DJI OSMOS Cold Shoe Mount. Let me know your thoughts!!! Here is the new release and installation video: Purchase here: DJI OSMO - Aerial Drone Accessories Thanks, Stacy
  8. C

    Summitlink Sun Shade for iPad Mini

    I just bought a Summitlink sunshade from Amazon. It uses hard plastic couplers, and they are hard to use. You have to really tighten them down to hold the iPad in place. Then they are hard to loosen. I had one ring split on me when the transmitter was just laying on it's side on the case. I'm...
  9. R

    Breaking down our sunshades for Professional Drone Pilots and Aerial DOPs

    Hey guys just created a video that explains our line of Sunshades and helps you figure out what would be right for your needs. Check out all our shades and drone accessories at
  10. R

    UltraShade 2 Fits 13 different tablets - It's Awesome!!!

    Just released the most amazing SunShades we have ever made. Foldable & Adjustable it will fit over 90% of the midsize tablets recommended by DJI on their Go App specifications. As a bonus since the Sunshade is adjustable it may be the last Sunshade you have to purchase because the next time...
  11. GanstaFarma

    Outta the sun

    I repourposed this portable shower/toilet from my camping gear, into a control tower of sorts. A person can sit outta the hot sun and fiddle with assembly and the like; plus you can SEE the tablet perfectly while flying. Step out and still be in the shade maintaining LOS as needed. It has...