1. husoaga07

    Should I buy Phantom 1?

    Hello! I found a deal for 800₺ (approx. 120$) that includes; -2 batteries -2 sets of propellers -a strenghtened antenna -1 set of prop guards Is it worth it? If not, why? I currently have a JJRC H37, but I thought this is a great deal since it's DJI, right? But I'm not in a hurry. I'm gonna buy...
  2. F

    Thank you? Suggestions please? Improvements etc?

    I know this is basically a Chinese Forum, in English of course, but it would be nice to say "Thank you" or "liked" to topic responses without having to post an actual reply. Most Forums have the "Thank You" button or the "Frank C Liked This Reply" button. After someone has taken the time and...
  3. R

    Free photogrammetry/grid pattern generator software for P2V+

    Hello guys. The spring is here, so i need a new free app (not PIX4D) to make more orthomosaic images. Last year, i have bought a used phantom 2 vision plus for $400, and i don't want to upgrade to a phantom 3 for $1500. Until September, DroneDeploy was the perfect free app to make orthomosaic...