1. dougvg

    Tripod Mode fails dues to "Mission Conflict"

    About every 10th time I use Tripod mode, as soon as I select tripod mode, I get a failure message citing a "Mission Conflict." The tripod mode actually doesn't fail, it activates and works correctly, but then refuses to exit tripod mode when the "stop" button is pressed. If the drone is far...
  2. S

    Stop logging

    Hi New to the drone world. Just got my P4 (-: Is there a way to stop the flight data logging while the drone is turned ON? Do not want to fill the card before starting the flight, do not want to overwrite older logs. Thanks a lot in advanced
  3. David Rodwell

    What To Do In A Dire Emergency

    I am beginning to use Litchi and of course DJI Go. I am concerned that I don't know what to do in case of "Dire Emergency"! So...if in the middle of a Litchi "Way Point" run or a DJI GO "POI" execution, my P3P heads for the mountains or begins doing something seriously wrong, how do I stop my...
  4. J

    Quick cancel / stopping modes

    Have I understood it correctly that to stop modes quickly you just use the pause button, for things like RTH, Follow Me,TapFly, etc? Does it work with all the modes, just want to be sure for when i trial them out incase it doesnt go to plan. Also I've read that Left Stick (into the right...