1. C

    stills on the phantom 3 standard

    Hi. Newbie to forum here. I'm a serious amateur photographer producing a charity calendar [in Welsh!] I've bought a P3S. Stills from the RAW files of fairly nearby objects [eg my house]have good sharpness & colour after some Photoshopping [levels, high pass filter, noise reduction in ACR]...
  2. D

    Sharpest Image Possible Lightroom/Photoshop?

    Hi Just got a Phantom 3 Standard last week, and of course it is great fun. However with the fixed aperture of f 2.8 of course the focal depth is limited for still photography. Does anyone have any tips on how to achieve the sharpest images possible using the likes of Photoshop/Lightroom (the...
  3. Bartzonio

    Polar Pro ND Filters and still picture shooting

    Hey everybody ! I have just tried my new filters from PolarPro. It is the vivid collection from cinema series. Its been a nice evening and I´m just impressed how much difference can actually polarized nd filters do. It is my first set of nd filters on my P3A so I cannot really compare what the...
  4. Evounit01

    Nik Photo collection from Google is now free!

    Just saw this on the deals site today. The entire Nik collection is now free! Great news for those interested in producing creative and awesome still photos, especially with the Phantoms! Download from the source: Google Nik Collection