still images

  1. K

    Probably need to do interior images, right?

    After a long tenure in the RC hobby business, my wife took a new position at a community college in West Virginia prompting me to leave my job (it was time anyway) and the move to our new location. But this has afforded me the opportunity to pursue a new career which I'm taking a stab in the...
  2. D

    P3Pro Still Images better than P4?

    Hello again! I recently sold my P3Pro to “upgrade” to the Phantom 4. However; the first thing I noticed was I can no longer download the “original photo” on the new app associated with the P4. Saved it anyways. Now, looking at the same areas (above my home) that I previously took photos with...
  3. H

    P3P not writing image files after a crash.

    After falling top down about 10 feet after landing in a tree, the camera is no longer recording either stills or videos to the SD card. I can still see live video on the controller. But if I take a still photo, the screen goes blank for several seconds before returning to the live feed. The...
  4. J

    Resolution of still RAW images is low

    When i make still images with my P4, the JPEG image is 8 megapixels large, at 4000x2250 pixels. The RAW image that is made simultaneously in 'J+R-mode' however, is only 940x 540 pixels. Very small indeed and too small for larger prints. How can I fix this?
  5. embayweather

    White specs on image

    Taking still images with my P3P in dng format, I find on processing that the whole image is cover in wry small white spots of varying size and density. Even more noticeable on HDR processed through Macphun Aurora. The lens is clean, so otherwise my thoughts turn to a faulty sensor, or hot spots...