1. Sunnaroe

    Should i be proud or how do i grade myself ?

    Should i be proud of these numbers and also-is this controller mod Ive done helping or hurting me??..Im still a brand new pilot but in my untrained opinion-for flight over the terrain full of wires and radio towers and buildings with microwave ovens blasting,Its working pretty well..But I'm a...
  2. QuadcopterCrazy

    Flight Stats

    I don't know if any of you use this site but I found it and I wanted to share it with you, You can search the nearest airport to you and look at incoming flights and departures, just an extra step in helping you guys fly safely.
  3. gr8pics

    Transfer flight data from one account to another

    Lets say i buy a used Phantom, and would like to continue the stats from the previous owner, is that possible? Is it possible to check the total stats even with a different account? Does the Phantom store all stats at all, or does it start all over again with a new account? Batteries store total...
  4. Raggitash

    How often do fall and flyaways really happen?

    Lads and Lassies Am wonderin if any ave yeas ha put some stats together regardin Falls, Failures and Flyaways? An affy lot oh threads suggestin it happens maer than ah wid like tae consider. How many ave yeas hae this happened tae? and how often. Micht make fer interestin readin if...