1. Cyclone2390

    DJI snooping. Fact or Fiction?

    Hello. New here, but loving it already. Last night I purchased a Phantom 4 Pro+ and am awaiting it's arrival. I have read the goggles are a no-go with the monitor version controller (the one I ordered), so I can forget about flying immersive with this one. I have a simple query; Is it correct...
  2. JaredReabow

    DJI Aeroscope aproduct that provides people with your private information

    DJI has released DJI AEROSCOPE This is a device that accesses the encrypted video link from any dji product and displays the registered users private information as well as flight history, location and more! This is actually ridiculous, just watch how quickly people are going to start...
  3. I

    This why we can't have nice things...

    Here's yet another reason drones get such a bad rap, just ruining things for everyone: Man Seen Flying Drone Near Apartment Windows In Lower Manhattan Unfortunately this is in my own city, which just adds to the personal level of paranoia when thinking about flying. Ugh.