1. H

    Sold Set of accessories P3 SE (P3SE robbed)

    Following the rob by "tactless" people of my drone DJI Phantom3 SE, I have my eyes to cry and remainders to be sold: the set below for: 170 Euros. By single parts : - radio control (DJI) and USB/MINI cable USB 150 Euros. - Stiff backpack of transport with foam prédécoupée of factory 50 Euros. -...
  2. RandomFlight

    Mavic Pro + EXTRAS

    2017 Mavic Pro asking $1100 Craft has 8 hours of flight in flight log. Has never been crashed or been dropped. New condition. Fun to play with for some great photos and videos. I don't have time to use this craft anymore and looking to part with it. Located in the Houston Texas area. Prefer...
  3. Mike_in_Letcombe

    SOLD! DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus (V3.0)

    SORRY, NOW SOLD!! I have a Phantom 2 Vision Plus, newest version 3.0 and WAS working perfectly. However, the WI-FI module has gone wrong and, although you can still fly the Phantom plus take pictures / video, the live feed stopped working. You can't get hold of these modules for love or money...
  4. S

    HELP! Need a part tonight I know I'm an idiot

    Hi all, I know I am a complete idiot but I need a gimbal flat ribbon cable for a P3 standard tonight. I am willing to travel and pay cash. I am based in West Yorkshire Please help?