south carolina

  1. B

    South Carolina sweet spot

    I flew today out at the Swamp Fox Ampitheater in Marion, SC - best place I've flown in the region. The outdoor ampitheater has a high earth berm surrounding the stage (grass covered). From the top of the berm you're looking down on the stage below you and behind you there is a half mile field...
  2. Phil Tuggle

    (Completed)GIG: South Carolina - Get my P3A running under DJI Go

    I need a hands-on person who "knows their stuff." My P3 Advanced, which I had for a long time and flown very successfully, has suffered the forced upgrade of DJI Go 3.1.8 and therefore is messed up. Litchi still functions properly. Need a knowledgeable person here in SC to get things right...
  3. D

    Hello from SC/NC (Landrum,Tryon)

    Just got my first Phantom -- the Phantom 4 --- Love it! I'm now certainly a drone addict! I'm just feeling very fortunate to live where I do --- plenty of lovely scenery to fly around with out much interference. I am now beginning the journey into filming & photography what a great hobby...
  4. ChrisMorrisism

    Remley Point - Charleston, South Carolina

    Aerial video of Remley Point in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina with views of the Ravenel Bridge. Shot using a DJI Phantom 3 Professional.
  5. S

    Charleston SC Video from Phantom 3

    I took this while visiting in Charleston this summer. Good times!