1. RapeyFlyer

    Burrow mump, Somerset, UK

    Hey guys, I'm a bit of a lonely flyer and was wondering if I could arrange a meet at burrow mump to fly with a few people. I'm free every weekend and would love to meet some fellow pilots. If anyone wants to drop me a text or call to arrange anything my mobile number is: 07428067159. Cheers...
  2. SimonJC

    Hi From SouthWest UK

    Hi, I have just aquired a P3Standard (for now) and have yet to take a flight (UK weather not great at the moment). I'm a 50 something photographer/videographer looking to expand my repertoire. I have enrolled in a Pfco course already and am giving drone operating a serious bash (hopefully not...
  3. OmniDrone Aerial

    Mysterious underwater creature caught on video by drone - what is that thing???

    Hey guys, was reviewing footage when I spotted this 'thing' swimming across the river. So I made a little video in hopes that someone might be able to tell what it is - cuz I sure as heck don't know!
  4. AndyGB

    Rolling hills, crashing waves, and ancient buildings

  5. AndyGB

    Seaside town of Minehead, gateway to Exmoor National Park, England

    A panoramic view of Minehead, a pretty little English seaside town famous as the gateway to Exmoor National Park.
  6. jamesb72

    Christmas Tree Farm Phantom 3 Aerial video, Somerset UK

    First trip out with my new Phantom 3, a friend of a friend invited us to his Christmas Tree farm before they opened this morning, was fun to fly and video came out OK, first time I'm using 1080p (my new years resolution), I've always stuck to 720p till now, as I figured youtube would mangle it...